How to choose a sushi knife? A Brief guide

How to choose a sushi knife

Sushi knives are essential for making authentic sushi dishes at home. Choosing the right knife is vital in creating the perfect sushi dish. Various sushi knives are available, each with unique features and benefits. Knowing how to differentiate between them can be daunting, especially for those new to sushi making. This article will discuss the …

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Why do sushi knives have holes? Let’s find out

why do sushi knives have holes

Curious why do sushi knives have holes? The holes on a sushi knife are essential for creating thin, precise slices. The airflow created by the holes significantly reduces friction between the food and blade during slicing, which helps keep delicate foods from sticking or being crushed as they’re cut. In addition, this allows for more …

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The Ultimate Guide on How to Use a Sushi Knife for Perfect Sushi

How to use a sushi knife

Sushi is an increasingly popular dish worldwide; learning the right tools and techniques to get the perfect sushi can make all the difference. One tool that is essential when making sushi is a sushi knife.  This article will briefly guide how to use a sushi knife with ease and precision to produce beautiful pieces of …

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How to Reheat rice in Rice Cooker. A Brief guide

Reheat rice in Rice Cooker 

The specialty of homemade foods and restaurant-cooked leftovers lies in their convenience. It’s easy to reheat these meals and reuse them as fresh new meals, so you don’t have to cook a whole new meal again. No doubt, a few foods can be more easily reheated than others. If you are determined to maintain a …

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How to use Cuckoo Rice Cooker? A detailed guide

How to use Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Cooking rice seems easy but cooking delicious rice is not! A cuckoo rice cooker is what you need to cook a delicious and healthy rice cooker, but some find it difficult to use. Are you too confused about how to use cuckoo rice cooker? Well, then, this guide is probably for you. But before jumping …

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