Half wall ideas between kitchen and living room

It is not necessarily that half walls must always differ from other normal interior walls, except for their overall dimensions as they are less space occupying and intended use. Well, your search ends here; we share half wall ideas between kitchen and living room. Partial walls are mostly always a great choice worth considering when it comes to the need to separate two or more areas with an open floor due to some particular reason.

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These walls are a great fit in several places, but the most commonly used one is the cutout wall between the kitchen and the living room. It’s common to be somewhere around the kitchen or living room, mostly when you are awake, so that is why it is comfy to have a more accessible and airy kitchen.

Thus the walls that separate kitchen and living room spaces have significance, and to construct such walls, we want to use our best imagination for better results and use them to our advantage. This article will give your ideas for an inexpensive half wall between these spaces and the steps to construct it and tear down the existing wall.

Half wall ideas between kitchen and living room 

When looking for ideas for the interior design of your home, there are several options you can consider, depending on the situation. Here we are going to share a few of these most popular and useful ones that you can consider.  

1. Permanent option  

 For this option, you need pieces of furniture that separate the space between your living room and kitchen, and you’re sure you won’t tear it down anytime soon; you can talk about two permanent pieces of furniture. 

Low bars with short/continuous columns or knee panels to maintain a spacious feeling. 

A sliding door is an excellent option to consider if you are concerned about your privacy but want the half walls as well, as they are in style. It’s amazing to have a kind of room divider that slides with wall-to-wall extensions on a track system and can be fully or partially closed according to our requirements and mood to ensure the required level of privacy. 

 The options like these will demand about $1,000 plus investment as labor as well as a considerable amount of effort if demolishing later. So think thoroughly about your ideas before deciding on implementing one or the other 

2. Island counter  

 These half-wall ideals are usually more popular in small homes as they occupy less space; the living room and kitchen share a wall, allowing you to build a kitchen island or just to place it between the kitchen and living room areas to separate them. Your living area has a bar counter stocked with your favorite items, so you can find new ways to entertain your guests. 

3. Brick and mortar columns 

 The occupant of a large house can create a convenient partition between the kitchen and the living room by making traditional pillars, brick and mortar pillars, ventilation systems, or these between the two spaces. This can be done without blocking the flow of light.  

 However, for those who own small homes, brick room dividers may not be an attractive option. You can make thinner wooden posts to get the same effect.  

4. Piece of furniture  

 If you want to separate the kitchen and living room, you can also place furniture in between. It is very easy to place the sofa in the living room with the back facing the kitchen.   

 A table can be placed behind this sofa to further define and reinforce the divider; choose a small spot and place a table lamp to illuminate both spaces. Other factors, such as open shelving units, can also be considered. However, you got to select the one that consists of a good end on each side. These dividers are not only ideal dividers but also provide additional storage space. 

5. Glass Wall  

 Some households enjoy a limited amount of natural light but are looking for ways to get more. You can separate the kitchen area from the living room without sacrificing sturdiness.  

 Besides these kitchen living room half wall ideas, you can also start a DIY half wall project and create something with your imagination. If there are no special requirements for the interior, you can make a simple half-wall. 

Decorated Half of the wall between the kitchen and living room

Decorated half of the wall between the kitchen and living room 

These walls are partitions separating two different rooms that don’t need to be completely closed. Therefore, we want to come up with decorations that work in both rooms and bring a sense of openness between them.  

 There are several options to choose from, from painting to furnishing half the walls. Here is a list of things you can do to utilize your walls in your home decor.   

 Paint each side of the wall a different shade so that it reflects the room on the other side of the painted part of the wall. You can apply textured wallpaper or wallpaper with special colors and patterns to the walls. Furniture can be placed in front or front of the half wall. You can also keep your furniture facing this wall if you use this area as the focal point of both rooms. You can also add Items such as lights, chandeliers, shelves, and plants that can be hung on the walls of the hallway to create a dramatic look. Movable curtains made of panels or beads are also great additions to half walls. 

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