How to Cook Delicious Turmeric Rice in Rice Cooker 

Sunshine’s name is Turmeric Rice! Flavored with turmeric and veggies and dusted with a herb shower of parsley. Rice is an instant upgrade to accompany your favorite curries, stir-fries, and even baked or grilled appetizers. It’s a delightful method to make delicious and fragrant turmeric rice in rice cooker for lunch and dinner.

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Turmeric rice is also known by other names such as “Yellow Rice” or “Golden Rice.” These are the name given due to their color. 

The Rice is coated yellow, i.e., turmeric, annatto, and saffron kind of multiple spices, although you can skip the other spices and just add turmeric as it is enough to give the rice a bright yellow color. This cuisine is available in many countries worldwide, such as Spain, India, South Africa, and Indonesia. 

Turmeric Rice is an easy way to turn an Asian-inspired recipe into a restaurant-quality experience. 

It is a fun way to make your lunch super extra special.

Yellow Turmeric Rice

Turmeric Rice in Rice Cooker 

Ingredients required 

The things you require to prepare this turmeric basmati rice are: 

  1. Basmati Rice – If you prefer, you can use jasmine rice or white Rice as well, but basmati rice is the best Rice for this recipe, in my personal opinion. 
  2. Shallot – sauté these thinly sliced until crisp, and then stack them in a clay pot.   
  3. Chicken Broth – You can use homemade either canned or jarred chicken broth. It is up to you. 
  4. Turmeric Powder – If you have raw turmeric, use it! If not, use turmeric powder. 

You may access fresh turmeric (which grows beautifully in Hawaii) at markets like Kakaako Farmers Market and your KCC Farmers Market. 

  1. Salt-Don’t forget to add a little bit of salt for good flavors. 
  1. Sauté the shallots 
  1. Combine turmeric powder and salt with chicken stock 
  1. Place all the ingredients layer by layer in the rice cooker, 
  1. After all, the ingredients are placed in a rice cooker. Adjust your cooker settings and turn it on. 
  2. Now just sit back to wait and leave the remaining on your rice cooker 
  3. Mix well after cooking 

Recipes (Step by step) 

Get ready to learn how to cook turmeric rice in your rice cooker. Let’s get started! 

1. Sauté shallots

Get the shallots ready. Over medium-high heat, heat a skillet. Heat and sauté the shallots in a small amount of oil until fragrant and dark golden. Remove the pan from the stove/heat and set it aside.

2. Combine Liquids

Mix turmeric powder and salt with chicken broth. 

3. Wash Rice

Wash the basmati rice multiple times in the rice cooker or pan until the water is clean and clear. 

4. Coatings

Top the Rice with the sautéed shallots, and pour the chicken stock mixture over the rice layer by layer (do not stir). 

5. Cooking 

Cook the Rice by adjusting your rice cooker settings. once rice is cooked, let sit for about 10 minutes before opening. Next, mix gently with a spatula and loosen. Eat and enjoy!

Why this Recipe: 

As all other recipes are cooked in the rice cooker, this one is easy to make and delicious. 

  1. Fry the shallots until they get crispy and golden brown. 
  1. Then mix turmeric and salt with chicken broth. 
  1. Add everything to the rice cooker layer by layer. 
  1. Rice is on top, then a layer of shallots and liquid is poured at the end. 
  1. Start your rice cooker by pressing the rice cooker button and wait. 
  1. Mix gently and eat!
  1. Mix gently and eat!  

You can choose this recipe in many different ways as long as you maintain the rice-to-liquid ratio. 

Benefits of Turmeric Rice 

In ancient times turmeric was used as medicine to cure issues like digestive problems, inflammation, skin conditions, etc. Curcumin is the ingredient that provides a direct effect on the cure. 

Research on turmeric’s health benefits is not entirely conclusive. According to a few studies, turmeric is beneficial in losing weight, and it also plays a role in fighting cancer and heart disease. 

Whether or not these researches about turmeric affect you, it can be a healthy addition to your diet. 

Whether or not these researches about turmeric affect you, it can be a healthy addition to your diet. 

Benefits of Turmeric rice and Curcumin

Benefits of Turmeric 

  • Turmeric is widely used in Asia, made up of traumatic plat root (related to ginger) tastes warm, earthy, and aromatic. 
  • It is rich in natural antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, has also been shown to aid digestion and improve skin health, and is very popular in boosting the immune system. 
  • It is added to a few drinks, such as golden milk and turmeric smoothies. 
  • The purpose of adding it is to naturally color the foods, such as often included in curries. One teaspoonful of turmeric gives your dish this magnificent aroma and bright yellow color. 


Be careful not to touch, wear gloves, or hug as it can temporarily stain your fingers. 

(Every time I see yellow spots around my nails, it brings back memories of delicious recipes) 

Side tips for more benefits 

From chicken masala to instant pot lentil curries, it’s worth spending a few extra minutes; add vegetables for more health benefits and spices to your Rice to boost the taste. 

You can use vegetable broth to make this a vegan turmeric rice recipe. (If you don’t want that for your bowl of vegan turmeric rice, you can use chicken broth instead.) 

Leftover Rice looks delicious! 

Tips for storage 

The Rice is ultra-freezer safe, making this dish perfect for meal prep. Here are some tips for freezing Rice: 

  1. Make sure the Rice is cool before transferring it to a storage container.  
  1. To speed things up, spread the Rice in a single layer on the baking sheet.  
  1. The Rice is divided into portions before freezing. So it can be thawed a bit if needed.   
  1. If you can avoid it, do not thaw Rice in the refrigerator. Thawing rice in the refrigerator can cause it to become soggy. 


Cooking turmeric rice in a rice cooker is an easy and delicious way to enjoy this healthy food. With few ingredients and a little time, you can have a nutritious meal that the whole family will enjoy. 

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