Is Sella Basmati Rice Good For Your Health?

Sella basmati rice is one of the best-known kinds of rice. It is partially pre-cooked in its inedible husk, making it soft, healthy, and tastes better. They are known for their powerful aroma and delightful taste.

Apart from taste, they are 100% gluten-free and rich in vitamins like thiamine and niacin. The nutrients and enzymes present in probiotic rice are best for your overall healthy well-being. The type of rice is cholesterol-free, so it aids in weight loss.

Through this article, we are going to explore how to cook Sella rice and get its health benefits.

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What is golden Sella basmati rice:

Basmati rice that has been parboiled is called parboiled basmati rice. Its lovely color is what gives it the moniker “golden.” The rice acquires its stunning yellow color after parboiling.

This is a kind of basmati rice, which is partially or occasionally parboiled basmati rice but further crushed while still in its crust.

Golden Sella has a distinct aroma from ordinary parboiled long-grained white or brown rice.

Nutritional value of Sella Rice?

The technique used to prepare Sella basmati rice is parboiling. The process adds fantastic nutrients to rice, especially thiamine and vitamin B1. Therefore, the parboiling technique makes the Sella rice 20 times more nutritious than ordinary white rice.

You receive 3 grams of protein, 36 grams of carbs, and 4% iron with every 45 grams of Golden Sella. Golden Sella Rice is very well-liked throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia. With this rice, your health will improve significantly.

 Sella rice in your diet can reduce your weight. It keeps you fuller for longer, preventing the need to eat anything immediately. The fiber-rich content of these rice will facilitate simple bowel movements and lessen constipation. Plus, aids in lowering calorie intake and fat absorption as well.

How to cook Sella rice in a pressure cooker?

Sella rice is healthier and less sticky or clumpy than regular white rice. Learn how to Sella Rice in a pressure cooker, rice cooker or Instant Pot.

  • Take Basmati Sella Rice or any other brand soak for 1 hour.
  • Then take an instant pot and add an equal amount of water and rice.
  • Cover the pressure cooker and let them cook for 1 minute only.
  • After the turn off the flame and releasing the pressure instantly
  • Your fluffy and soft sella basmati rice is ready.

How to cook Sella rice for biryani?

Biryani is an ido-pak traditional dish packed with lots of spices. Its preparation requires a lot of traditional processes and hard work, but the results will be stunning. Let’s prepare the dish “biryani” with Sella rice.


  • Sella rice
  • Chiken\beef\mutton\vegetables
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Ground spices
  • Water
  • Oil

Sella Rice recipe preparation:

  • We will make chicken biryani, so we need 500g of chicken and marinate it with ground spices, including red chilies, salt, oil, green chilies, gram masala, turmeric, and coriander.
  • Then take a cooking pan, add oil, and fry some finely chopped onions. Add all marinated chicken with some water and yogurt when the onion becomes brown. In the next step cover the pan with a lid and let them cook the whole curry well.
  •  Take another bowl, add 1 liter of water and boil the Sella Chawal until 80% tender. We have soaked the Sella Chawal for 2 hours in lukewarm water before boiling. When the rice is done, take another pan and layering of chicken curry with Sella rice.
  • Stream the dish for 20 minutes, and here you go. Biryani is a very spicy, yummy, and delicious dish like my whole Asian livings in India and Pakistan.
  • We have garnished biryani with some mint leaves and added a bit of orange food color

This is the best Sella rice recipe for chicken biryani. As you can see, the results are in the picture. For better taste and look serve it with Rita and chutney

Here’s the final look of our dish:


What is the ideal Sella Rice soaking time?

Suppose you are cooking Sella Rice on the stove. Then the soaking time should be 1 hour to reduce the cooking duration and enhance better flavor. For soaking rice, ideally, you need to add normal water to your washed Sella Rice. Water should be 2 inches above then rice. After 1 hour, strain the rice with a fine sieve to drain extra water. Now your rice is ready to transfer to a cooking pot.

How to cook fluffy Sella Rice?

Step 1:

Take Basmati Sella Rice and soak it for 2 hours in normal water. It’s necessary to wash the rice three times in freshwater before soaking. The soaking process is fundamental, so don’t dare to skip it. When you perfectly soaked the rice, the results with being perfectly elongated and fluffy rice

cook fluffy sella rice

Step 2:

Next, take a pot and boil 1 liter of water with one teaspoon salt. It’s completely optional. Pour the soaked rice into boiling water and back to a rolling boil.

After 15 minutes, check the rice by chewing them. If they are 80% soft, then drain the extra water from the rice immediately.

boil 1 liter of water

Step 3:

They put the rice on the stream for 10 minutes by covering the pot with the lid. In the streaming step, your stove lame should be low.

rice on stream

Here’s the final look of our perfectly cooked and fluffy Sella Rice.

perfectly cooked and fluffy Sella Rice

Health benefits of Sella rice:

Golden or Basmati Sella Rice is the purest form of grain rice hygienically processed. They are enriched with various health benefits, as discussed below.

  • Fiber-rich food:

Sella rice contains a rich source of soluble fibers. The fibers aid in minimizing the bad LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. Plus, rice’s natural essential oils help reduce BP and improve healthy HDL cholesterol levels.

  • Treat diabetes naturally:

Sella rice has the lowest blood sugar levels impact than other rice types. It has high protein content and the lowest starch content.

  • Improve throat and gut health:

Sella Rice is a fertilizer for increasing the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. The right bacterias in your gut promote positive mode and eliminate bad breath.

What is the difference between brown rice and Sella Rice:

brown rice and Sella Basmati Rice

It’s overwhelming to choose a suitable type of rice from different types. Both brown and Sella rice contain similar amounts of fibers, carbohydrates, calories, and proteins. Apart from them, there are some differences between both types of rice that you should know.

Let’s get to the significant difference between brown rice and sella basmati rice.

Brown RiceSella Rice
Brown rice is whole grain rice. Its outer layer contains fibers, the middle layer contains starch, and the innermost layer enriches carbohydrates. They are the best meal to get instant energy for the body.Sella rice is prepared by soaking the whole grain rice, streaming under pressure, drying, and milling for prepping the rice. The process adds nutrients to the grains of rice.
They are soft and brown in appearance. They take less water to cook.Slightly more complicated than regular rice and looks golden in appearance. They need more water for cooking than regular white rice.
They are sticky and soft, and fluffy. They have a nutty flavor with a chewy texture. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics demonstrated that brown rice could keep your hair and skin healthy. They are best for your cardiac health.Each grain will look separate and fluffy after cooking. They are less sticky, clumsy, and soft. Although their nutritional value is less than brown rice, it tastes ten times better.
Brown Rice is rich in magnesium, potassium, and folate content.According to USDA, Sella Rice is a rich source of calcium per serving. But brown rice does not contain as much magnesium and potassium as brown rice.
It took 20 minutes to cook at an average temperature.It takes 40 minutes to cook at an average temperature, 2 times more than ordinary rice.


Do you need to wash Sella Rice?

Yes, washing rice before cooking helps remove any dirt, debris, or bacteria.

What is the minimum time to soak Sella rice before cooking?

30 minutes is the minimum time for soaking Sella rice before cooking. You can soak it for 1 to 2 hours for better flavor.

Is Sella rice good for diabetes?

Sella rice contains the lowest glycemic index food. So consuming a little potion f Sella rice is a healthy option for people with diabetes.


Sella basmati rice eventually became a well-liked option for rice lovers. Compared to brown rice, parboiled rice is less likely to get rancid and cooks into different kernels than clumps. Additionally, compared to conventional white rice, it may provide more plant components, improve digestive health, and lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, you must choose the proper brand before making a purchase.

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