How to steam broccoli in rice cooker 

Few rice cookers are a great way to cook multiple things. These multi-uses, like instant pots, are a fantastic choice for cooking rice, slow cooking, steam, etc., so much by using only one application. To cook broccoli, there are multiple ways. One of the simplest way is to steam broccoli in rice cooker. Read complete to learn step by step how you can do it.

It is a convenient, effective, and space-saving gadget for your kitchen. 

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Everything about steam basket 

Some rice cookers consist of an additional feature known as a steam basket. Don’t forget that through this feature, you can use this beneficial kitchen gadget for other purposes. You can use your rice cooker and then cook rice and vegetables. This function can help steam tender and flavorful veggies and your rice and prove pretty time and space-saving.  

Before you put your veggies in the steamer basket of the rice cooker, make sure to rinse and cut them vegetables appropriately. 

If you’re unsure whether your rice cooker can also be used as a steamer, check your owner’s manual to see if your appliance comes with a separate steaming bowl or basket and if the preset steam settings are. Please check if there are. The bigger the stove, the more you can cook, it completely depends on the size. The size of your rice cooker determines how much food you can steam at any time. 

Steam Basket & Broccoli in Rice cooker

Stemming Broccoli in a rice cooker is one of the most classic ways. This method is easy, effective, and time-saving as it will require 10 minutes or less to prepare fantastic crispy, tender Broccoli with minimal effort and excellent results.  

All you need is a steamer basket in your rice cooker to make gorgeous and crispy Broccoli. 

Step by Step Process of Steam Broccoli in rice cooker

Today, we will share the baking process of broccoli in a Rice cooker. The method is as follows: 

  1. Pour 1 cup or up to an inch of water into your rice cooker. 
  1. Place and adjust the steamer basket to enable this function of the cooker. 
  1. Cut the broccoli florets. Rains these crowns before cooking them. 
  1. Add these freshly washed broccoli florets to the steamer basket with water inside the rice cooker. 
  1. After adding the ingredients to the steamer basket inside the rice cooker, close the cover and push the button. Adjust the rice cooker. A basket as a colander can also be used if you like. 
  1. You have to set the cooker settings so that Broccoli gets crispy and tender. The veggies will be cooked as soon as the rice cooker gains pressure.  
  1. Therefore, if you plan to steam Broccoli or steamed dishes for dinner, you must “preheat” your rice cooker. 
  1. The rice cooker takes a few minutes to heat up, though it just requires three minutes to steam. The rice cooker will require up to ten minutes to come to pressure and naturally release. This means you need to set you’re your rice cooker time to 10 minutes or less, depending on the size of the florets. 
  1. Now the Broccoli is ready, you can take it out. 
  1. Open the rice cooker by removing the lid. Remove the steamer basket from the cooker and take out your steamed Broccoli in a plate or bowl. 
  1. Add a pat of butter with salt and pepper to it for the best experience. 

Overcooking broccoli isn’t called good steamed Broccoli; it is what spoils the whole thing. The Broccoli should be light green and have a nice texture after cooking.  


All about Broccoli, Health benefits, and nutrients: 

These vegetables consist of multiple health benefits. 

  1. Broccoli consists of several nutrients, including vitamin C, fiber, vitamin K, potassium, and iron. It consists of more protein as compared to other veggies. 
  1. These leafy green veggies can be eaten cooked or raw, but recent studies show its healthiest when gently steamed. 

Nutritional benefits 

The bioactive components offer multiple health advantages. 

Broccoli is one of the most tasty and popular vegetables in the world. It is easy to prepare and can be eaten raw or boiled. 

 Rich in multiple nutrients, including a family of plant compounds called Isothiocyanate. They may have several health benefits. 

They are high in fiber, vitamins and contain more protein than most other veggies. 

 If you are willing for a health booster, don’t forget to have cruciferous veggies to your diet regularly.

Prevention from cancer 

According to studies, Broccoli consist of many compounds that protect from horrible diseases like cancer

The fast growth of abnormal cells is the cause of cancer and is mostly linked with oxidative stress. 

Low cholesterol  

The main function of Broccoli in the human body is to produce acid known as bile acid. It is stored inside the gallbladder and produced in the liver. When we consume food, it is released into the digestive system. 

Healthy Sight 

One of the common consequences of aging is eye weakness. 

Broccoli consists of a compound that is converted to Vitamin A. The name beta carotene knows this component. The veggie plays a great role in improving the eyesight of a person suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin A. 

How to steam Broccoli 

Steamed Broccoli is just like a blank canvas. You can draw anything you like on that canvas.  

You can have it  

  • Up the ante with a few lemon wedges or just with pepper and salt according to your taste.  
  • You can also use it in several recipes that call for cooked Broccoli.  
  • You can also throw Broccoli straight from the refrigerator into a lunch salad or cereal bowl without reheating it.  
  • The dressing soaks in beautifully. 

Storage of Broccoli 

Store the steamed Broccoli in an airtight box inside the refrigerator for up to 3 days (if you can make it longer without eating!) 


Steaming Broccoli in a rice cooker is easy and efficient. All you need is a cup of mineral water, a tablespoon of oil, and your Broccoli. Add the ingredients to your rice cooker, set it to the “steam” function, and let it do its job. In 10-12 minutes, you’ll have perfectly steamed Broccoli that’s ready to be enjoyed. 

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